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We factor your third party recovery invoices with our in-house recoveries service. 

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The services we offer:

Factoring your third party recovery invoices
An in-house
not-at-fault recovery service

Third Parties Recoveries

AFC provides a seamless end-to-end service. After providing us with the admission of liability and an assessed quote with your Tax Invoice we will pay you the agreed amount of the invoice less our Debtor Finance Fee.

Our associated recovery service will facilitate the entire claim recovery process and provide the professional and speedy outcomes you’re looking for. You can then concentrate on managing the repairs to the vehicle.

Where else will you find a funder who will also attend to the recoveries? 


The team at AFC is committed to you, our client. Every business has its unique features and indeed many often have a cash flow issue. AFC is always there to support our clients. Ask around, and you’ll hear the praise.

Combining AFC’s in-house third-party recovery service, with your factoring for instant cash flow, ensures our all-in-one package delivers the best outcomes. Prompt service. Instant funding. Speedy closure.

Three easy steps


Complete the accident repair.


Prepare your Tax Invoice made out to your customer.


Submit by fax 1300 232 329 or email [email protected]